Outcome of Board Meeting held on 14th November, 2017   
Proceeding of 33rd Annual General Meeting   
Revised Credit Rating   
Scrutnizer Report along with Voting Results of 33RD Annual General Meeting   
Board Meeting Postponed_28.08.2017   
Intimation Board Meeting & Closure of Trading Window   
Outcome of the Board Meeting held on 10 August 2017   
Intimation Board Meeting 02 August 2017   
Outcome of Board Meeting 18 July 2017   
Change in KMP (Company Secretary) 30 June 2017   
Outcome of board meeting 30 May 2017   
Notice of board meeting May 20 2017   
Notice to addendum May 25 2017   
Notice of Board Meeting and Closure of Trading Window   
Disclosureofmateriality ofany event or information 08-June-2016  
Intimation of change of RTA and resignationofdirector 12-July-2016  
Notice of Board Meeting dated 10-Aug-2016  
Intimation of Board Meeting 12 Oct-2016  
Outcome of BoardMeeting 21 Oct-2016  
Intimation of Cut-Off date 03-Nov-2016  
Board Meeting Intimation 04 Nov-2016  
Outcome of Board Meeting 14-Nov-2016  
Proceeding of EGM 14-Nov-2016  
Intimation of further Investment 16-Feb-2017  
Intimation about preferential issue 28 Feb-2017  
Outcome of board meeting 28-Feb-2017  
Newly set-up Steel Pipe Plant at Hindupur 21-March-2017  


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