Chairman Message

This profile portrays the achievements of a company that was founded over two decades ago, and extends into the future, fueled by dedication and an urge to succeed. This journey of hard-ship, mapped by a vision, has led the organization to a progressively admirable position, corroborating our aspirations and rewarding the dedication of all who contributed simultaneously towards its path of development.Built on strong foundations with a track record of achievements. The ability to innovate, the capacity to adapt the latest technologies and the promise to deliver consistent quality has always been our forte in accomplishing a distinguished position in the marketplace. The name “HI-TECH” has earned a reputation for itself in the Infrastructure and construction industry.Today, the company is amongst the chief suppliers of a vast portfolio of steel product, satisfying the need of a large spectrum of customer.Our organization’s path to leadership is a result spawned by our employees. Each one brings diverse backgrounds and specialized disciplines in to the organization in a never ending endeavor to deliver the one thing that our customers demand most – Satisfaction.

The future has a way of arriving unannounced. We takes pride in being prepared for the future and let us ensure that our strategies and our actions enable us to Always LEAD — and NEVER FOLLOW!

Ajay Bansal

Chairman & Managing Director


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